Exciting news from American Research and Testing Inc! Effective July 1, 2021, we are beginning to close down the lab due to a long-planned retirement. If we accepted your project by June 30, we are working on it and will send your report soon! Contact us by email with questions.

Independent Testing Laboratory

An independent testing laboratory, American Research and Testing Inc. provided analytical chemistry and consulting services, custom chemical analysis, investigative chemical analysis, problem solving, physical testing, and quality assurance testing of materials and chemical products. We served the industrial, commercial, entrepreneurial, litigation, and insurance communities with expertise, reliable results, and easy-to-understand reports. And we were experts in VOC testing of paints, coatings, adhesives, and consumer products, helping manufacturers maintain compliance in California and throughout the nation.

Why is this story using the past tense? Because effective July 1, 2021, we are exiting the testing business and closing down the lab. We had a great run — almost 40 years! We aren’t selling the business to a successor, since business was just good enough to pay the rent but not good enough to interest investors.

Why are we exiting the testing business? Here’s the honest truth: Our president is retiring from the business, and wants to turn her focus to teaching analytical chemistry at the university level. She’s been doing both for almost 20 years, and now she has chosen to do only one of those things. After nearly 40 years of performing anlytical chemistry services for manufacturers, she wants to spend her last bit of steam on preparing the next generation of chemists to step up to invent, formulate, synthesize, analyze, and troubleshoot. She’s excited about and committed to this transition, so don’t try to talk her out of it! She is also committed to maintaining records about prior projects for the next three years, so feel free to reach out by email if you have any questions.

For those of you who seek replacement labs with broad expertise in troubleshooting, CARB 310 and EPA 24 testing including exempts and LVP-VOC, check out our colleagues at:
Expert Chemical Analysis (CARB 310, EPA Method 24, problem solving, deformulation)
Impact Analytical (CARB 310, EPA Method 24, problem solving, deformulation)

For basic VOC of paints and coatings containing no exempt compounds, contact these labs:
Truesdail Labs (basic EPA Method 24 only, no exempts)
Weck Laboratories (basic EPA Method 24 only, no exempts)

If you landed on this site because you are looking for food testing, cannabis testing, poisons testing, water testing, metals analysis, or pharmaceutical testing, please refine your search to labs that have websites that state that they offer these services. We have never offered any of these services and have no recommendations for you.