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Physico-Chemical Methods

The chemists at American Research and Testing Inc. are experienced in evaluating the physical properties of chemical products. Whether you need an entire suite of physico-chemical tests for Safety Data Sheet development, or simply wish to verify compliance to a sales specification, American Research and Testing Inc. knows how to do it and do it right. We follow ASTM, USP, and ACS methods for the following physical chemistry testing techniques:

Physico-Chemical Methods:

  • Boiling Point (atmospheric and reduced pressure)
  • Conductivity / Resistivity of Water
  • Density and Specific Gravity
  • Melting Point / Freezing Point
  • Solubility
  • Surface Tension (surface and interfacial)
  • Vapor Pressure (ebulluiometric method)
  • Viscosity (Brookfield, Stormer, Stony Brook Falling Needle, kinematic, dynamic)

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