As part of the Chemical and Hazardous Materials Essential Critical Infrastructure Sector, American Research and Testing is open for business during the pandemic. Contact us by email for a quote.

Materials Testing

American Research and Testing Inc. can test your material strength or resistance to failure, compare the physical characteristics of good vs bad materials, and document the compliance of your product to physical properties specifications. Send us a copy of your specification and a description of your product and testing needs, and we will prepare a no-obligation quote for you.

Strength Testing:
We use a table-top Instron Universal Strength Tester for adhesive strength, coefficient of friction, compressive strength, flexural strength, tear strength, and tensile strength of fabrics, plastics, elastomers, non-wovens, and composites. We can accommodate most ASTM and INDA methods that involve a constant rate of separation (as push or pull) on the sample that has a maximum failure load of 220 pounds (100 kg).

Flammability Testing:
We offer small scale flammability testing services on fabrics, composites and plastics in vertical, horizontal, and 45-degree orientations, per ASTM, 16CFR, Federal Standard, NFPA, and UL procedures.

Coating Testing:
We are familiar with many methods of coating evaluation, including:
Abrasion (Taber)
Color (tristimulus, filter photometer)
Chemical resistance
Gloss (60-degree Specular)
Hardness (pencil, and Hoffman scratch)
Coating identification

Other materials testing capabilities:
Chemical exposure resistance, with before and after physical properties testing
Compression Set
Impact Strength (Izod, Chip/Impact)
Video microscope inspection
Volume Swell

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