As part of the Chemical and Hazardous Materials Essential Critical Infrastructure Sector, American Research and Testing is open for business during the pandemic. Contact us by email for a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here at American Research and Testing Inc., we are accustomed to hearing unusual questions, and offering cost-effective solutions to answer the questions. Don’t be afraid to ask! Contact us to learn more. Here are some of the more common questions we get:

Are you open for business during the COVID-19 Pandemic? As part of California’s Chemical and Hazardous Materials Essential Critical Infrastructure Sector, American Research and Testing Inc. is conducting business during the pandemic. We are working staggered lab shifts to minimize risk to our staff, who are essential critical infrastructure workers. Our facility is not usually open to visitors, but if you find that you do need to come to our laboratory, you must have an appointment and follow all masking/distancing protocols. If you show up at the door without an appointment or mask, we will not let you in. Because of our staggered work shifts, the best way to contact us during the pandemic is by email. We will respond within 24 hours during the regular business week.

I am trying to sell/purchase/distribute {a consumer product, a paint, a sealant}, and want to know if the product is compliant to {Green Seal, LEED, CARB, AQMD, OTC, LMADC, EPA} specifications for VOC. What do I do? American Research and Testing Inc has considerable expertise in testing VOC of consumer products and coatings by EPA Method 24, CARB Method 310, and AQMD Method 304, as well as direct assay by ASTM D6886. Follow this link to learn more about what we can do to test your product for compliance to Federal or State VOC regulations.

There’s an unknown substance on my product. Can you identify it? We certainly can. Furthermore, if you give us samples of or information about the materials used in your process, we can tell you whether the unknown substance could be part of your process or is a contaminant from an external source.

Can you determine why the {coating, adhesive} we use on our product failed? Not only can we determine why the coating/adhesive failed, we can also make recommendations as to how to avoid future failures.

Can you determine the cause of a product defect or failure? If the product defect or failure is related to chemical composition or chemical contaminants, we can determine the cause of the failure or defect. Usually we compare the defective product with an exemplar product and its raw materials, and find out what is different between the “good” vs. “bad”.

My company makes a product that we think is better than our competitor’s. Can you help us prove it? If your product is better than your competitor’s in an objectively measurable way, we can help you. Using standardized test methods, or adapting existing test methods to your product, we can perform physical evaluation tests to determine whether it cleans better, lasts longer, acts more quickly, is stronger, is more durable, is more resistant, etc.

I’m concerned that my competitor has copied my product. Can you investigate? We can assay your competitor’s product for ingredients like yours.

Can you help me find out if my part is made out of the plastic I specified? Absolutely! We are experts in polymer identification.

I am trying to sell something to {an aerospace company, a military contractor, an automotive manufacturer, the government}, but they want to know if my product meets specifications before they will buy it. What do I do? First, find out what the requirement is from your customer contract officer or purchasing agent. This is usually documented in a written specification. Try to get a copy of the specification. Phone or email us to see if we can perform the type of testing you need, then fax or email us the pertinent parts of the specification along with a description of your product. We will review the specification and give you a price and turn around time for performing the tests. Once we perform the tests, we give you a report, which you show to your customer as proof of compliance.

Our company quality policy requires that we document that incoming raw materials meet certain specifications. Where do we start? If you know what your specifications are, simply contract with us to perform the required tests. You can use our test report in your documentation. If you are starting from scratch, you can retain us as consultants to develop your raw material specifications.

Can you find out if the {textile, plastic, composite} I {sell, buy} meets flammability requirements? We can perform small scale vertical, horizontal, and 45° flammability tests per CPSC, FAA, ASTM, FTMS, and NFPA methods.

Can I trust you with my trade secrets? Your secrets are safe with us. We will not disclose your proprietary information to anyone, and we won’t use your proprietary information to compete with you. Follow this link to learn more about our confidentiality policy.

Can you prepare a Safety Data Sheet for my product? Indeed. We follow the OSHA format (now GHS) for SDS preparation. Usually, we use documented hazard data of the ingredients to estimate the hazardous component, toxicity, and labeling sections. We empirically determine the applicable physical properties (boiling point, freezing point, evaporation rate, vapor pressure, vapor density, solubility in water, specific gravity, percent volatile, flash point, explosive limits, and reactivity).

Is the {coating, plastic} I want to use for {food packaging, food storage} acceptable? If you tell us what type of coating or plastic it is, and what its intended use is, we can perform the appropriate FDA extraction tests to determine whether it is acceptable for contact with food or beverages.

Can you find suppliers of the raw materials that I need for a project? Contract with us to search the trade literature for you. We have access to many supplier catalogs, as well as on-line database subscriptions. We can also perform raw material cost calculations for various batch sizes and arrange to have samples sent to you for evaluation.

Do you perform contract research? “Research” is in our name to indicate our interest, availability, and ability to perform contract research projects. We have performed contract research for government and private agencies, and are always interested in considering a new Request For Proposal.

Our company needs the services of a chemist for a long term project. How can you help us? Outsource your project to our laboratory! Our chemists are versatile and highly competent. Contact us to tell us what you need, and we will submit a proposal to you.

I need the advice of a chemist from time to time… You may retain us to serve as consultants on most matters relating to chemistry, chemicals, materials, and chemical products. We have extensive formulation, analysis, and literature search experience, and are experts in explaining technical matters to the non-scientist.

Can you provide expert advice or testimony for a civil litigation matter? We are experts in problem solving and analysis of unknown compounds, with the goal of providing sufficient information to support your client’s claim or helping you decide whether your client should settle the case. We can also review data that you have obtained in the discovery process and explain it to help you develop your strategy.

Can you determine whether a competitor is violating our patent? If the alleged patent violation has to do with chemical composition, chemical reaction, or chemical performance, we can help you. We would review the claims of your patent, and then test or analyze the competitor’s product to see if it matched any of the claims. It is important that we work very closely with you and your patent attorney on such a project.

Now that you’ve tested our product, may we put your name on our product label so people will know how good our product is?

  • You MAY: make true statements regarding results of testing we have conducted, show people a full copy of our test report upon request, or include a full copy of the test report with your marketing materials.
  • You MAY NOT: use our company name or logo on your product label or in your product literature, because that would make it look like we endorse your product; needless to say, you may not change the report in any way

Who are your typical customers? Most of our customers are small manufacturers who have occasional need for a chemistry expert. Some of our customers are global corporations that need chemical analysis outside of their quality assurance scope, or want an independent 3rd-party assessment of their project. Some of our customers are law firms or insurance companies who need an expert chemist on their case. And finally, some of our customers are government agencies and private institutions who contract with us to perform a research project.

Can you supply me a copy of an ASTM procedure? We do not sell, distribute, or provide copies of ASTM documents. We suggest you go to the on-line ASTM Store to browse the method titles and purchase your own copy.

How quickly can you complete my project? We are usually able to start your project within days of receiving the sample. Our goal is to complete assays, unknown identification, material performance tests, MSDS preparation, literature search, etc. within two weeks. More complex problem solving projects will take longer.

How much will my project cost? Contact us by email or by phone with a description of your project, and we will be happy to provide an obligation-free cost proposal.

How do I pay?/ What are your payment terms? We require a retainer for new clients, consulting projects, and for litigation support projects. For the smaller projects, our terms are retainer until we have established a long-term business relationship with you. Once you have established credit with us, our payment terms are Net 30. Payments may be made by check, money order, electronic transfer, or Visa/ Mastercard/ Discover/ American Express. We require advance payment by electronic or wire transfer for all international projects. American Research and Testing Inc. is certified by PCI Compliance Manager as PCI-DSS compliant. This means that we comply with all laws and best practices that protect your credit card information.

How much sample should I send? That will depend on what we are going to do for you. We will let you know how much sample to send when we give you a price quote.

Where should I send samples? Be sure to send samples for delivery during standard business hours: Monday through Friday, 9:30-4:30 Pacific Time. Our receiving address is the same as our facility address:

American Research and Testing Inc.
14934 S. Figueroa St.
Gardena CA 90248

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