Exciting news from American Research and Testing Inc! Effective July 1, 2021, we are beginning to close down the lab due to a long-planned retirement. If we accepted your project by June 30, we are working on it and will send your report soon! Contact us by email with questions.

Contact Us

How to Contact American Research and Testing Inc.

Use the form below to contact us with accounting questions/issues and customer service for past projects. Please note that effective July 1, 2021, we are not accepting any new projects.

    Do you need to send an attachment? Use your own mail client and address your email to:
    bbelmont AT americanresearch DOT com
    Use this address without spaces, and use the symbols @ and . in place of AT and DOT

    Phone Number (leave voice mail for a call back):
    phone: 310 538-9709

    Postal Address:
    American Research and Testing Inc.
    PO Box 90862
    Pasadena CA 91109

    Please do not send us any samples for testing. We are no longer accepting new projects and do not have the facilities for sample storage or disposal. We also don’t have the funds or time to return your unwanted and untested sample to you.