Exciting news from American Research and Testing Inc! We will be exiting the testing business this summer, due to a long-planned retirement. We will accept our final project on June 30. Contact us by email for a quote.


American Research and Testing Inc. staff consists of chemists with experience in research, analysis, product formulation, and in physical testing.

Key personnel are:
Barbara Belmont, MS, President

Memberships, Agency Approvals, and Contracts

American Research and Testing Inc. personnel retain membership and are active in the American Chemical Society, and American Association for Advancement of Science.

American Research and Testing Inc. is:

Research Contracts Held By American Research And Testing Inc.

  • 2002-2003 California Prison Industry Authority: “Chemical Consultant Services”
  • 1994/96 Snively Research Foundation: “Helmet Materials Evaluation”
  • 1987 State of California, Department of Health Services: “Incontinence Products Quality Evaluation”
  • 1986 State of California, Air Resources Board: “Study of Application Rates of Aerosol and Pump Hair Sprays”
  • 1986 State of California, Air Resources Board: “A Study of the Efficacy of Aerosol vs. Non-Aerosol Laundry Products”
  • 1984 General Services Administration, Federal Supply and Services: “Testing of Cordage, Textiles and Thread”

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