As part of the Chemical and Hazardous Materials Essential Critical Infrastructure Sector, American Research and Testing is open for business during the pandemic. Contact us by email for a quote.


American Research and Testing Inc. maintains strict confidentiality with its Clients. Unless instructed otherwise by the Client, reports and data are not released to or discussed with anyone but the Client. Download our non-disclosure / non-competition agreement form and fill it out in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Non-disclosure: From time to time, it is necessary for a Client to disclose proprietary information about a product in order to select an appropriate testing protocol. It is the policy of American Research and Testing Inc. to not disclose to other parties any proprietary information received from the Client.

Non-competition: American Research and Testing Inc. performs contract research and product reformulation and development for individuals and companies. It is AR&T’s policy to not use the technology or formulations developed in these projects to compete against its client.

Conflict of interest: Since American Research and Testing Inc. is involved in chemical and physical testing for legal projects, every effort is made to understand the background of each new project request. If it becomes apparent that AR&T Inc has performed or is performing work for the opposition parties on the same case, the potential client is notified immediately of a possible conflict of interest. If it is determined that a conflict of interest would exist, AR&T Inc will not contract to perform the work.

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