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American Research and Testing Inc.: VOC Testing

As regulations and consumer demand move you to a greener product line, no doubt you have been asked “what is the VOC of your product?”. Questions like this usually mean...

American Research and Testing Inc. is here to help you answer those questions, and has extensive experience with EPA Method 24, SCAQMD Method 304, and CARB Method 310 VOC testing.

We follow EPA Method 24 or SCAQMD Method 304 procedures for industrial products, and CARB Method 310 procedures for consumer products. We can determine whether your coating or product complies with South Coast Air Quality Management District Rules (SCAQMD), California Air Resources Board (CARB)Consumer Products Regulations, 40CFR59: “VOC Emissions Standard for Consumer/Commercial Products”, Ozone Transport Commission (OTC), Lake Michigan Air Directors Consortium (LADCO), Green Seal, and other similar source-specific standards.

We limit the scope of our VOC work to analysis of industrial and consumer products in the form of liquids, aerosols, pastes, semi-solids, coatings, multiple-component coatings, and reactive coatings.

We can also serve as your consultant to help you reformulate your products into compliance, audit your formulation calculations, or trouble shoot your non-compliance issues.

VOC Related Methods Offered:

VOC Compliance Testing to:

Don't see your specification or method here? Contact us with your details, and we will determine whether our scope of services will be suitable for your needs.